What scholarships or discounts are available?

In addition to offering a number of financing options, we also offer scholarships and other ways to reduce the cost of your bootcamp.

Available Scholarships

You Belong In Tech Scholarship: We want to see more diversity in technology. To that end, we award automatic scholarships to Black, Latinx and women students, no essay required. The amount of this scholarship is $1,500 for Immersive classes, and $1,000 for our Flex class.

We also sponsor The Builder Scholarship, awarded by committee to builders with especially compelling stories, achievements, and goals. The amount of this scholarship is $1,500 for Immersive classes, and $1,000 for our Flex class.

Other Discounts

Early enrollment discount: You'll save $250 off your tuition when you complete your enrollment by the early enrollment deadline. Be sure to check out our schedule pages for those deadlines!

Decision-maker discount: We also offer a decision maker discount, offering $250 off tuition to those students who submit their deposit within 5 days of receiving an acceptance letter. 

Deposits are now $250: We heard that the cost of our tuition deposit was holding people back from enrolling, so we lowered it to $250 to make our courses more accessible to all.

Additional Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Bootcamp

There are many ways to fund your bootcamp! There are many government programs, online communities and other options you can explore for funding your bootcamp.

Stay Up to Date

Check out our Tuition page to stay up to date on any additional scholarship and discounts we may have available.