What scholarships, grants, or offers are available?

In addition to offering a number of financing options, we also offer scholarships, grants, and other ways to reduce the cost of your bootcamp.

Please refer to our Tuition Page for up-to-date info on pricing, payment methods, scholarships, offers, and financing information.


You Belong In Tech Scholarship: We want to see more diversity in technology. To that end, we automatically award a $250 scholarship to underrepresented students in tech, including all women, African Americans, and other underrepresented, diverse groups—no essay required.

Builder Scholarship: Awarded by committee to students with especially compelling stories, achievements, and goals. The amount of this scholarship is $250. An essay is required.  


Alumni Referral Grant: Awarded to students referred by DigitalCrafts alumni. A referral application is required. The award amount is $250 towards tuition.

Alumni Reskill Grant: Awarded to DigitalCrafts alumni who attend another bootcamp in order to reskill for their career. Application required. The award amount is $250 towards tuition.

Educational Partner Grant: Awarded to employees of agencies and members of organizations in contractual partnership with DigitalCrafts. Application required. The amount awarded varies by agency/member organization and cannot be combined with scholarships or other tuition reduction options.

Other Reduced Tuition Offers*

Decision-maker offer: $250 off tuition to those students who submit their deposit within 5 days of receiving an acceptance letter.

*Scholarships can be combined with other grants and tuition incentives; however, scholarships cannot be combined with other scholarships. Qualifying students may receive up to 1 scholarship, 1 alumni grant, and 1 tuition incentive. Note: the Educational Partner Grant cannot be combined with any other scholarship, grant, or tuition offer.

Stay Up to Date

Check out our Tuition page to stay up to date on any additional scholarships and tuition offers we may have available.