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Do I have to buy a new computer for my coding bootcamp?

You don't have to buy a new computer to start your bootcamp. There's a good chance you can use the one you have.

You can use either a Mac or Windows computer during your DigitalCrafts bootcamp. Here's a blog post with details about the pros and cons of Mac vs PC, and why we shifted from being Mac-only to now allowing PCs in class. There are also specs in the doc that can help you make sure the computer you choose will meet the requirements for our bootcamps.

We still recommend a Mac for most students. 

The way you code in class will be the same whether you’re using a Mac or PC, but classes will typically be taught by an instructor using a Mac, so for most students, using a MacBook in class may be the way to go.

Your instructor may not be able to provide IT support should you need PC-specific troubleshooting.

Choose A Laptop With the Right Specs

Refer to the spec requirements listed here to help you make sure the laptop you choose will work for our bootcamps.

We strongly recommend a recent (~4 years or newer) computer with at least 8GB of RAM.

  • 8GB of RAM minimum, 16GB recommended.
  • At least 30GB of free storage space.
  • Reliable broadband internet for streaming class. Camera and microphone (laptop built-in is fine).
  • Chromebooks and iPads are not sufficient.