Is the GI Bill accepted?

If you live in Georgia or Texas, you can use your GI Bill benefits for our full-time and part-time web development bootcamps, through our August 2021 full-time cohort.

If you have remaining benefit hours, your Certificate of Eligibility can be the ticket to jumpstarting your web development career!

How To Use Your GI Bill Benefits For Your Coding Bootcamp Tuition

Do I need to live in a specific area in order to use my GI Bill benefits at DigitalCrafts?

Students must list in Georgia or Texas for the duration of their bootcamp in order to use GI Bill benefits.

Note: We were temporarily able to offer this payment option regardless of location, but that is no longer the case as of March 2021.

Can my GI Bill benefits be used for all DigitalCrafts programs?

Benefits can be used for either our full-time web development program or for our part-time web development program. At this time, these are the only programs that are approved for the GI Bill, though we're working to obtain GI Bill approval for our UX design and cybersecurity programs.

How many benefit hours do I need?

For our web development programs to be fully covered, students will need 7 months and 3 days for the Immersive program, and 4 months and 1 day for the Flex program.

Will I be learning with other veterans?

Yes! Now that we're able to accept GI Bill funding, VET TEC and VRRAP, you'll likely have other veterans in class with you.

How will DigitalCrafts help me learn the skills I'll need as a software engineer?

Our cutting-edge curriculum teaches the skills employers want, & our expert instructors have years of real-world experience, so they know what employers are looking for.

How will I be supported throughout my job search?

Our Student Success team will help you build a portfolio and resume that stands out from the crowd, while also offering the opportunity for mock technical interviews to kickstart your interview preparations.

How do I get started?

The first step is to submit your application. Then you'll meet with our team and successfully complete an admissions test. Pending acceptance, you'll provide your Certificate of Eligibility and complete your enrollment.