How can I prepare for my bootcamp?

Preparing before your coding bootcamp can prepare you for success during class. Get going with these tips.

Asking this question shows that you're taking your bootcamp education seriously, and we love it when potential students ask! The more prepared you are, the better you'll be set up for success in the classroom.

Completing our Free Intro Courses

It's not too early to get started with your education. Whether you are at the beginning of your bootcamp journey or are enrolled in one of our courses, we recommend completing our Intro Courses, which are available for free. In addition to helping you get ready for the bootcamp, these intro courses are designed to help you better understand if the subject matter and potential career paths are a good fit for you.


We cannot stress this enough: We strongly recommend that you complete the intro course for your program so that you can hit the ground running on the first day of class.

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Resources To Help You Get Ready

LearnJS is a great interactive JavaScript tutorial.

CodePen and are in-browser editors are good tools for quickly writing and testing code without having to set up full environments

GitHub is a cloud-based hosting platform used by millions of programmers worldwide. You'll use it in class to host your projects, and our Student Success team will go over setting up your profile so that hiring managers and recruiters can easily understand your skill set and the kinds of roles you're best suited for. Get started using GitHub with this tutorial.

freeCodeCamp is an extensive training option that will help you move to the next step after practicing in-browser exercises.