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Can I succeed if I'm a complete beginner?

Our classes are designed with the beginner in mind, but more experienced or advanced students can benefit as well.

You don't need to have a computer science degree or a previous job in tech before applying for our programs, but if you're a true beginner, we have some tips to help you do your best in class.

Study Before Your Bootcamp

We strongly suggest that you do some self-study before starting your class.  By getting in some practice using Codecademy, freeCodeCamp or any of the many free services available, you can help set yourself up for success in class.

Completing exercises on these sites are designed to increase your familiarity with your laptop and some new commands, in addition to helping you learn to type more quickly. Both of these can serve you well!

Completing the Prep Work Can Help

So that every student hits the ground running on the first day of class, you’ll be asked to complete our introductory courses once you’re accepted into our program.

This pre-work is key for helping you get familiar with basic concepts and is designed to provide you with a solid foundation from the very beginning. This is the #1 piece of advice our instructors recommend!

Support During Your Bootcamp

During your bootcamp, our instructors are ready to answer your questions. If you need help outside of class, our teaching assistants will hold office hours throughout your program to provide additional support.

View the Intro Courses to get a jumpstart on your bootcamp and feel for the topics covered throughout the program.