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How do I apply? What is the admissions process?

The DigitalCrafts admission process is three steps: application, admissions meeting and admissions exercise. The process is simple, and it’s not as time consuming as you might think. 

Our admissions process is quick and simple. It is just three steps: filling out our application, meeting with our admissions team, and completing a code exercise.

Submit Your Application

The first step of applying is to fill out the application form on our site. This process takes only about 5 minutes to complete. The information you share when you apply will be passed along to your dedicated enrollment coordinator.

Your enrollment coordinator will be your point of contact through the time you enroll in one of our classes. If you have questions, you can ask your enrollment coordinator at this point or at any time.

Note: Some of the questions ask you about your goals after graduation, or what about DigitalCrafts interests you. We aren't asking for lengthy essays, but we do look for thoughtful answers and take them into account when considering whether to move forward with your application.

Your enrollment coordinator will be your main point of contact until you're enrolled. If you have questions about our programs or the admissions process, you can ask your enrollment coordinator at any time by emailing hello@digitalcrafts.com or by scheduling an informational call.

Complete an Admissions Exercise

The next step is an admissions exercise. The code exercise is a series of logic questions that help us make sure that you're ready for our intensive program. We want you to be successful during class, so this exercise is an important part of making sure all our students start on the same page.

The test is untimed and open book. And, like much of tech, Google will be your friend here.

Ace your admissions exercise with these pointers.

Meet With Our Team

After completing your admissions exercise, you will be asked to schedule a meeting with our enrollment team. Scheduling this call is quick and easy, and your admissions meeting will take only around 20 minutes.

During the call, you'll discuss the program and your goals with your enrollment coordinator. You'll learn about tuition payment options, what it's like to be a student at DigitalCrafts and how our Student Success team will help you in your job search after graduation. 

This will be a video call, so be prepared to turn on your camera so we can meet face to face. You don't need to dress up for the meeting, however, and we welcome your questions!

Here are our tips for preparing for your admissions meeting.

Acceptance & Enrollment

Once you've completed these steps, your enrollment coordinator will notify you by email whether you've been accepted. Upon acceptance, you will submit your refundable deposit in order to be enrolled. If you're using military benefits or a community partnership like WIOA to help fund your bootcamp, we'll ask you for relevant documentation at this time.

Once you're all set, you'll then receive an onboarding email with details about your class and how to get ready so you hit the ground running. We'll also send you information about the pre-work you should complete before class starts, so that everyone starts off on the right foot.

Learn More About DigitalCrafts

We've got a number of resources that will help you learn more about being a student at DigitalCrafts.