What will I learn in the Web Development bootcamp?

Our web development bootcamps prepare you to become a full-stack developer capable of programming on the front end or the back end. Learn more about our curriculum

What is Full-Stack Web Development?

A front-end engineer specializes in the part of a website or app that a user interacts with: text, colors, buttons, navigation, images.

A back-end engineer works with everything behind the scenes that passes information back to the user: servers, databases, APIs. 

A full-stack engineer can do both, and is a valuable asset to any engineering team.

What You'll Learn

Throughout the course, you will learn the fundamentals of full-stack web development, focusing on both front-end and back-end web development. We'll teach you JavaScript, Node.js, React, Git, databases, the command line interface, DOM manipulation and much more.

Learn more about what we teach in our course cataog.

The Learning Environment

Students spend class learning with like-minded peers under the mentorship of an industry expert. Each of our instructors has years of real-world development experience, and is passionate about growing the next generation of tech talent. TAs are also available to help you during class or during office hours.

While the instructor is always present and available to help you overcome roadblocks, we strongly encourage you to find and implement solutions yourself. Software development requires consistent learning and problem solving, and our program is here to teach you the best way to teach yourself.

Download our course catalog to learn more about what we teach, and how we'll help you launch your coding career.