1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Getting Started & Admissions

Why should I pay to learn to code? Can't I learn programming for free?

There are a lot of quality, free resources for learning to code. But solo learning isn't for everybody.

There are a lot of really good, free resources online. They can be a great way to learn! We've even put a list of those resources on our website.

When Learning to Code On Your Own Isn't Enough

Self-paced learning isn’t for everyone, though, even if the resource is free. Our classes are ideal for people who learn best in person, or who want to learn in an intensive environment from an instructor with years of real-world experience. There's a lot to be said for learning with others, and having people you can turn to when you're stuck and don't even know what to Google, let alone how to fix the bug!

Expert Instructors & A Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Our instructors have years of real-world experience—some have worked at NASA, LinkedIn and Big Nerd Ranch. They know the skills that employers want, and they bring deep and broad knowledge to the classroom.

Our curriculum is maintained by our instructors, meaning that it’s made by and for developers. We constantly evaluate our curriculum, keeping it current and making sure we’re teaching the skills employers are looking for.